Daily Steps to Trusting God Completely

Do you struggle with trusting God? 

Everyone does at some point or another because let’s be honest: life can be immensely hard. It has its ups and downs. Every single day would be a challenge, even if we were to remove the worldwide pandemic and racial injustices we’re experiencing right now. Many of us want to completely trust God, but challenges continue to shake our undying faith in Him. 

Life can be going along smoothly for a season. Your job is satisfying. Your relationships are going strong. Your goals, finances, and health seem bright. But, life is known to throw a curveball. The things you feel secure all of a sudden will feel shaky and uncertain. 

When times are good, it can be easier to rely on God. And when times become difficult, it is even more important to trust God. Trust is a state of mind that takes a significant amount of time to develop but only a snap of a finger to break it. With trust being so hard to develop between people, how much harder is it for us to trust in a God we cannot see or touch? How can you rely on Him in times of difficulty? Or when you cannot see a resolution? In this post, we’re sharing four practical steps to trusting God completely. 

Count Your Blessings

If you have a cause for worry, remind yourself of God’s goodness. Take some time to think back over your life. See, life isn’t always about hardships. There are times of high when God answered many specific prayers for you. There are some things in the world that we take for granted and take as being a normal part of life. But all of these are simply blessings given by God. So eliminate the nagging and complaining in your thoughts. Make an effort to recall all the good in your life. And you will see how God moves more on your behalf when your heart expresses gratitude, even during trying times. 

Get into God’s Word

To trust is to believe in something, and when it comes to trusting God, that means believing in His reliability, ability, strength, and His Word. So, to know all of the above, dig deep into the scriptures since this is the way to knowing about the great Creator. The Word will show you how God walked with others and gave them the strength to push through their hardest season. Reading the scriptures will show you the many attributes He holds and his unconditional love towards us. Through this, you’ll learn what He desires from His people, the blessings He offers to us, and so much more. 

The scriptures talk about how much God desires a close relationship with each of us. He’s not a distant God, trying to isolate Himself from us. He continually pursues us and loves us, and wants to be known by us. Therefore, when you struggle with your faith in God in all circumstances, open His Holy Word. 

Getting into God’s Word will strengthen your confidence in Him. This simple step open your eyes to many people who were in the same situation as yours. They weren’t superhumans who never doubted God. They were human beings of flesh and bone who faced trials and tribulations, too. Take comfort in the scriptures that God will always be there to help you conquer your greatest challenges. Explore the scope of God’s care and control over every detail of your life. 

Pray for Faith

Ultimately, trusting God is only possible through the power of Christ. To believe in Him even when circumstances would say otherwise, you need Christ to move glorious truths from your head to your heart. If that doesn’t happen, trusting God will be impossible. And so, you must consistently pray to enable trusting Him. Pray that God will help you believe in His promises and trust Him even when life doesn’t make sense. 

Read the Stations of the Risen Christ, a Resurrection of Jesus Christ book by Heelan Frank to further strengthen your trust. This is a brief meditation that will motivate you to pray and acquire a deeper understanding of the divine mysteries of God and Christ. 

In conclusion, struggle in faith is natural, but the bottom line is we have to make a continuous choice to trust God completely. It takes a conscious effort and constant reminder to turn things over to God. Learning how to trust God means putting on the full armor of God to battle our greatest enemies. Just remember, building trust is like building a muscle. The more you exercise it, the bigger it gets. Thus, continually follow the steps daily so that you can strengthen your trust. 


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