Ways to Reflect on The Teachings of Jesus Christ

Jesus loves without limits, making it possible for us to live a life of friendship with Him. Jesus gave everything to His friends, including His knowledge of God. During Jesus’ ministry here in the wilderness, He led the people on their way back to the Almighty Father. Because of this, our lives became purposeful.

As Christians, it is a beautiful thing to witness someone with a countenance and presence marked by God’s presence through Jesus’ teachings. When we unveil openness before God, it allows us to become mirrors for others. Our salvation, redemption, and happiness are within Jesus Christ’s teachings. He was an outstanding teacher, and he enlivened his people in many ways. Our own self-image was uplifted because of him. Now, it is possible for us to teach others as He did.

The qualities of Jesus are the qualities that every Christian must possess. Keeping God’s commandments, repentance, receiving the gift of the holy ghost—these are the saving principles taught by Jesus Christ. This integrity is the foundation of His Gospel. As John 3:1-3 states, “We know that we are Christian because our lives are marked by a longing and practical pursuit of holiness.” True Christians long to be under God’s pursuit of holiness. Thus, reflecting on the teachings of Jesus Christ is vital for us to become people with an image that radiates the qualities of a faithful Christian. Here are ways on how to reflect on the teachings of Jesus Christ:

Meditate on the Scriptures

By definition, meditation is a process of conversing and unifying the heart and mind. For Christians, the mediation process should be a little different as God should be its center. Meditating on the words of God is necessary to grow our faith. As the Bible encompasses the ministry of Jesus, His teachings are made available to us. Day and night, we should be delighting in God’s words. Only then are we able to experience pure bliss, as His words of wisdom can capture both our minds and hearts.

Seek Profound Knowledge

Seeking in-depth knowledge gives us more wisdom than we could ever imagine. When we strive to acquire knowledge about Christ and His teachings, we will be able to share it with other people. Having access to God’s wisdom—thereby making God the center of our life—consulting Him with our decisions and solving problems with Him—makes us stay on the right path. Frank Heelan’s Stations of the Risen Christ: Resurrection Meditations inspires readers to become true Christians by meditating on the teachings and actions of Jesus Christ. It hopes to give readers profound knowledge of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Gain deeper understanding on some of Christianity’s greatest mysteries on The Cross of Christ on Heelan’s book.

Practice Righteousness

Putting into action the learnings we’ve gathered by meditating on the scriptures and seeking profound knowledge is a way for us to influence. Through practicing righteousness, we tend to flourish as Christians. This way, we are allowing God to guide us as we take on our life, making us share the nature of Christ. One of the ways to practice righteousness is by repenting our sins and accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior. Through this, we become acceptable to God. As an essential part of God’s kingdom, righteousness should be manifested throughout.

Devote Time for the Lord

Being in prayer every day of your life is an excellent way to devote yourself to the Lord. Develop an intimate prayer for you to communicate personally to God. Seeking God every day and having the attitude He wants you to have will bring you closer to His because you get to know Him better. Hence, if you want to reflect on the teachings of Jesus Christ, it will take your effort in worshiping and praising Him.

Jesus Christ is our savior. He saved us from sin. But that does not mean that we are saved from temptations. Through reflecting on His teachings, we will learn to steer clear of the temptations that our enemy makes. Doing these measures will help us be closer to Him and not with our enemy. We can all take these steps and live a life, one that God wants us to live.


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